Sagittarius Zodiac Soy Candle
Sagittarius Zodiac Soy Candle

Sagittarius Zodiac Soy Candle

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These Zodiac Candles are  a thoughtful gift that highlights their best qualities!

Each candle features the positive personality traits of an astrological sign, paired with a matching scent. No matter if you follow horoscopes, these handcrafted soy candles with natural soy wax, Mystical glitter glow and body safe fragrance oils can delight everyone with their positive messages. Scents are created with essential oils and have a burn time of approximately 40+ hours. 8 oz tin.

SAGITTARIUS - extroverted, optimistic, funny, generous

Scent-White tea & Ginger- A delightful comforting floral scent with hints of peach and citrus.