Can you smell it?
Can you smell it?

Can you smell it?

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Can you smell it?  Not if you light this, although we can't promise it won't give you the munchies especially with this tangy blend of sweet berries combined with creamy vanilla!

Hand crafted in the USA. Natural Soy Wax and Body Safe Fragrance Oil. 

  • Scented using a unique blend of premium essential and body safe fragrance oils, which ensures a memorable fragrance experience.
  • Vegan Soy Wax - a clean burning, nontoxic, paraben free soy-blend wax. 
  • 100% Cotton Wicks 
  • 8 oz. tin 
  • 40+ hours of burn time
  • US Made - All candles are hand poured in the US.
  • Perfect Gift - Makes a perfect gift for friends, family members, co-workers or for yourself!
  • If you want to maintain the good air quality of your home, soy candles are the perfect option. Soy Candles Are Safe For Your Skin: From a safety standpoint, soy candles are a healthier choices, they have a lower melting point as compared to paraffin wax that can burn your skin if it drips on you.